Poor baby

Something is up with my poor baby.

He’s been MISERABLE all day. I have no idea if he has a cold, or is teething, or is having a reaction to a new food (baby-friendly yogurt), or a combination of some of those. No idea!

This parenting gig would be much easier if he could talk. Not necessarily because I’d be able to do anything differently, but because I hate the “not knowing.”

His symptoms are putting him in a very sad state: runny nose, coughing, wicked-awful diaper rash, crankiness.

Reasons I think he could have a cold:

  • His nose is running like crazy
  • He’s coughing
  • He spit up twice today (Or is it throwing up? Who knows?)
  • My throat feels kind of sore — maybe we both have something?
  • Excessively cranky
Reasons I think he could be teething:
  • His, ah, “nose-running” is clear (apparently only yellow or green means “sick”?)
  • He could be coughing on excess saliva (another apparent teething thing)
  • He has no interest in eating, except for gumming frozen watermelon rinds
  • He never gets diaper rash, and this one is absolutely horrible and painful-looking
  • Excessively cranky
It has been an extremely rough day, with minimal napping and lots of crying and No-Mommy-you-can’t-put-me-down-for-even-a-second-ness. I creamed his poor red bum, gave him some Infant Tylenol at bedtime and he is blessedly sleeping now. For how long is anyone’s guess (hint: don’t guess very long).
Just for fun …

Teething or just a cold? Place your bets!survey software

One Comment on “Poor baby

  1. I voted for cold because now I'm realizing that my throat is sore too and Jake's nose is a bit runny … perhaps we're all circulating the same germs? Boo!


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