The heart of the matter

When I was pregnant and found out I was having a boy, mothers of boys told me, “You’ll love it. Boys are great.”

And me? Well, I’d wanted a girl. I was terrified of having a boy. I just nodded and smiled and hoped I wouldn’t be bashed in the head with a Tonka truck.

I had no idea what I was in for … or rather what I wasn’t in for!

I just finished reading Emily Giffin’s Heart of the Matter — I love all her books, and this one was awesome as always — and I had a total revelation.

The main character had a four-year-old girl and a two-year-old boy. The girl was described as really loud and bossy and sassy — and generally difficult. The boy was described as sweet and cuddly and friendly — and generally “easy.”

As I read the book, I found myself totally identifying with the behavior of the sweet little boy, and actually kind of irritated with this brash little girl. And kind of … nervous … about maybe having one someday.

Can you believe it? Me, the person who supposedly needed to have a little girl? Maybe it’s that I like being the only girl in the house? I don’t know. I definitely don’t like the idea of a little girl trying to boss me around. Baby Boy and Darling Husband are happy to let me call the shots!

Reading this book just cemented the fact that I really, really love having a little boy. I know you can’t say that all little boys are sweet and easygoing and love their mamas — just like all little girls aren’t opinionated, bossy little divas — but I am really starting to understand what people mean when they say “boys are easier.” When they say “boys are great.” When they say boys “have less drama.”

Boys are great. Mine is, at least. He is sweetness and light. He is all cuddles and sloppy kisses and big, squeezy hugs. He is easygoing and playful and sensitive. He likes things I don’t understand — like watching snowplows — but instead of that bothering me (like I always figured it would), I find myself trying to get interested along with him. It is very easy to make him happy. Easy to make him smile and laugh.

I hope someday I get to have a daughter, too, so I can see both sides firsthand. But for now? I am very happy with my sweet, “easy” and “drama-free” little man.

And if a friend tells me she is pregnant with a boy? My first words after “Congratulations!” will be “Boys are great!”

One Comment on “The heart of the matter

  1. Stumbled across your blog looking for airplane nursery decor. This post is just what I needed to see. I totally thought I was having a girl, but just found out it's a boy. I thought, “I don't know anything about boys! I make hair bows and other girly stuff in my free time! What will I have in common with my son?”

    My husband has been really helpful, but this post just capped the lid on my anxiety. I'm looking forward to my little man!


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