Smoothies, smoothies, the miracle food!

Feeding Baby Boy had turned into a gigantic pain in the ass. 
All those gorgeous purees of fruits and vegetables that I lovingly made and froze? He now hates them. He never really loved them, but he at least used to tolerate them.
I was getting worried about his health, because the only things he would willingly eat were Cheerios, baby cereal, MumMum cookies, and those puff things. Although, really, who are we kidding? He’s my son — of course he’s a carb/snack freak!
I cut out the cookies and puffs entirely, thinking that would make him hungry enough to stop screaming at the idea of a bite of sweet potatoes, green beans or applesauce. It didn’t work. Again, he’s my son — stubborn.
So the other day I remembered that Amalah had turned all her purees into smoothies when her boys stopped wanting them. I went out, bought a set of plastic cups with straws, and came home to dig out the blender. I dumped in five or six cubes of different fruit purees (apples, bananas, mangoes and pears), added some apple juice (and a few ounces of breast milk that I had in the fridge), and made a batch of baby smoothies. 
Baby Boy LOVED it! He struggled with the straw at first, but got the hang of it when he tasted the deliciousness that was The Smoothie Made By Mommy. He drank half the batch in his first cup, and so I gave him the other half and he drank almost all of that, too. 
I suck at math, but even I figured out that this equaled five or six purees getting into his body. When normally only a few bites of one puree would get into his body. Miracle. 
My next step? Sneaking some veggie purees into the smoothies. I have officially become my mother.*
*She used to sneak eggs into almost everything Little Sis ate as a child, because the kid refused to eat protein (or much of anything). I hope Baby Boy doesn’t get his trait from his auntie.

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