What a sin! Day 7

It’s the final post of the Seven Deadly Sins project, and it’s a steamy one! Well … sort of. Today’s theme is “Lust,” and the game calls for seven love secrets. Might be a little too X-rated for this family blog, so how about seven loving things Darling Husband and I do for each other? …

  1. He gets up with Baby Boy so I can sleep in. Because Darling Husband works two jobs, this doesn’t get to happen very often. But when it does, it’s a HUGE treat.
  2. I go along when he wants to drive around car lots. Yes, car lots — this is an actual activity, even when you have no funds for buying another car. I even comment on the cars/trucks I like (things like “I like those shiny silver pipes!” and “That’s a pretty grill”), and sit patiently when he hops out to read the stickers in the windows.
  3. He goes on aimless outings with me. Darling Husband knows I don’t get out much, and knows how hard I find that sometimes. So whenever he’s off, he’s always willing to take me to the mall or to a store so I can push the stroller and “look at stuff.”
  4. I help him stay organized. I keep his clothes and uniform pieces clean and in the proper drawers. I put his (labeled) lunches and breakfasts in the fridge. I set up the coffee machine the night before. I round up his phone/watch/iPod/security pass/whatever’s gone astray and put it by the door. When he’s in a rush (which is often), he appreciates that it’s easy to grab everything and run.
  5. We buy each other little treats. Even something as small as a $1 chocolate bar can be a really sweet (pun intended) gesture. 
  6. We help each other out. Darling Husband has a phobia of touching the cotton in pill bottles, so I gallantly remove it for him. I always grate my fingers when I’m supposed to grate cheese, so he does it for me. My arms get sore from cleaning the shower, so that’s his chore. He gets frustrated folding laundry because my clothes and the baby’s clothes are “too damn small,” so that’s my chore.
  7. We find shared interests. Darling Husband will never love reality shows about weddings, and I’ll never be able to tolerate those annoying announcers on TSN. But we are always looking for things we can appreciate together, like Rummy! And reality shows about cakes!
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A final thank-you to Lindsey for getting me started on Seven Deadly Sins. It’s been really fun writing these!

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