Our baby in review: His Seventh Month

Vital stats: At his six-month appointment, Baby Boy was 19 pounds (76th percentile) and 26 inches tall (49th percentile). His 18-inch head was in the 95th percentile — not surprising, given that both Darling Husband and I have very large heads. We’re so happy he’s such a big, strong boy.

Milestones: He’s still obsessed with standing, and walking while holding onto things (the couch, the rails of his crib). He pulls himself up on everything. He’s even stood completely unassisted a couple of times. He also started crawling forwards when he was six months and one day old — and he got FAST very quickly. It’s totally changed everything, because now I can no longer plop him on the floor and expect him to be there when I come back a minute later. It’s meant that I’ve come up with a lot of new tricks to keep him safe and occupied while I get things done!

What he’s been eating: His diet changed a lot this month. He went from eating one (maaaaybe two) meals a day to eating three! Plus bedtime cereal! This was because of our New Year’s resolution to help him sleep longer (and prevent hunger in the middle of the night). It was hard for me to accept that he wasn’t getting everything he needed from breastmilk anymore — and yes, some people argue that they do, but those people might not have been dealing with an extremely active, crawling/semi-walking six-month-old. He’s still adjusting to eating regular meals, but he’s definitely interested in eating. This month he’s tried carrots, potatoes, mangoes, chicken, and pears — as well as Arrowroot biscuits, mmm.

How we’ve been sleeping: He was up about every three hours during the nights, almost all of this month. It’s just been in the last week (since New Year’s) that he’s been sleeping for sometimes a four- or five-hour stretch. The food is working! Hallelujah! 

Diapering: Still haven’t needed a diaper sprayer for our cloth diapers, but there have been a couple of doozies that made me think we’ll need one soon.

Playing: Baby Boy got a ton of amazing toys for Christmas, of course. His favourite is a little Fisher-Price ride-on car from my mom. It’s designed as a baby walker/toddler ride-on, but he uses it strictly as a toddler ride-on. He has a blast scooting around, with his chubby little feet powering it from either side. He also loves his stand-up activity table, and the play kitchen from me and Darling Husband. All of these new toys made a lot of noises, teach English and French, and have music settings, so … yeah, not sure all of the batteries will get replaced when they run out. Little loud, these days.

Things that surprised me: How he’s so physically strong. It amazes me to watch him pull himself to a standing position, or stand on his own, or take off crawling as fast as he can. It makes him seem so old! So … not my little baby anymore! *sniff*

Things that have made me melt: Stuffing the stockings on Christmas Eve, and feeling like a such a parent(!). Watching Baby Boy open presents on Christmas morning. When he “walks” along the furniture until he gets to me, and throws himself onto my lap for a hug. His little giggle, especially when I tickle him. Watching him play quietly with his toys, with his little lips pouting and his chubby cheeks puffed out. When he cries for me in the night, saying, “Mamaaaaa!” (the only time he ever says it). He is my world, and he makes me so impossibly happy.

So what do you think?

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