You know you’re used to buying used baby clothes when …

Local grocery store (that also carries cute kids’ clothes), with my friend, C (and our two baby boys). C and I usually shop for baby clothes at secondhand stores, but we were both looking for specific things, so we were going to “shop new.”

ME: Baby Boy really needs some warmer sleepers, and I want some of those zippered ones. We only have one zip-up sleeper, and it’s sooo much easier than the snap ones in the middle of the night.

C: Yeah, the zippers are great.

ME (holding out two velour sleepers with zippers): I really should get these.

C: They’re really cute.

ME: But … they’re $12 each! Geez. I’m used to baby clothes costing like $1.

C: I know, it does seem like a lot when you’re used to secondhand.

ME: $12 for a sleeper! It’s highway robbery!

C: But think of how much you’ve saved, from all of the other secondhand stuff you’ve bought.

ME: Yeah, you’re right … But still, TWELVE DOLLARS!

I bought them. They are very cute. But they aren’t any cuter or nicer than my $1 sleepers. Just sayin’.

So what do you think?

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