Five things I miss about being pregnant

  1. My hard ball-of-a-stomach. Much cuter (especially in tight shirts) than the postpartum muffin-top I am currently rocking.
  2. Eating without guilt. Like having two desserts. Man, that was sweet.
  3. My maternity clothes. I had built up a really extensive wardrobe by the end, and I miss some of those pieces! Especially the maternity jeans. Ahh, comfort.
  4. Never worrying that I looked fat in something. I was pregnant, not fat … and now I am, uh, not pregnant. And getting dressed is definitely not as fun, when you have to scrutinize how you look in clothes.
  5. The attention. Yeah, I said it. Now the baby gets all of the attention. It is SO not “all about me” anymore. Luckily, I get to accept the compliments on his behalf  🙂

So what do you think?

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