Our baby in review: His Fourth Month

Vital stats: On his four-month birthday, he weighed 17 pounds, 2 oz. (90th percentile!) and measured 63.5 cm long (50th percentile).

Milestones: Sooo many this month! His focus improved so much, and he began snapping his head around to look at specific things and people. He learned to blow raspberries and stick out his tongue. He learned to roll over onto his stomach (and learned to like sleeping there!). He learned to sit up on his own for a few seconds at a time. He started using his Jolly Jumper and an Exersaucer. He ate breastmilk off a spoon to practice “eating.” And he was baptized!

What he’s been eating: Still all breast milk, all the time. But his fifth month may be the month where we introduce cereal — the jury is still out.

Pumping/bottle-feeding: He didn’t have many bottles this month, but I did pump quite a bit, in order to build up a frozen supply of little one-ounce bags (for when we do introduce cereal, for mixing).

How we’ve been sleeping: For his entire fourth month, he was up about every two hours all night. See this post for the whole sordid tale (and know that it’s improving a lot in his fifth month!).

Diapering: Still using the BumGenius one-size all-in-ones and the BumGenius one-size pocket diapers, and loving them! One of Darling Husband’s colleagues remembered that I’d been planning to use cloth, and he asked him a few weeks ago if I was still actually doing it. “Oh yes,” Darling Husband told him. “She’s very stubborn. I knew she’d stick with them.” Haha, very true!

Things that surprised me: All of the things he’s doing! He started doing so many new things during his fourth month. I joked to people that he’s like a toddler, because he’s so alert and smiley and INTO everything.

Things that have made me melt: When he rests his head against my shoulder or my chest and closes his eyes. When he laughs when I tickle him (especially under his arms). When he grins when I come into the room. When I kiss his silky-smooth little tummy when I’m changing him, and he squeals. When he clings to me like a little koala when I go to lay him in his crib. He is my world.

So what do you think?

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