Our baby in review: His Third Month

* I know, I’m super-late posting this (considering he’s halfway through his fourth month). Bear with me! *

Vital stats: He hasn’t been weighed since his two-month visit (when he was 13 lbs., 13 oz. at nine weeks old). Our guess is that he’s 16 or 17 pounds, but we really have no idea. He’s still our sturdy little man!

Milestones: “Walking” when we held onto his upper body. Repeating words after you, like “C-c-coo” (and getting a huge grin on his face when you say “his” words back to him). Sleeping full-time in his crib (in his own room). He learned to cuddle stuffed animals (so sweet!). He started thrashing his arms and legs around, and holding his head up so well.

What he’s been eating: Still all breast milk, all the time.

Pumping/bottle-feeding: Didn’t pump much this month — just for a week or so to build up the supply of stored milk when Baby Boy was going to be babysat by my mother-in-law. Pumping is fine, but the overfull boobs are a huge pain.

How we’ve been sleeping: For most of his third month, we were getting four hours during his first stretch, then two hours, then another two hours. Towards the end (as he neared three months), he hit the dreaded three-month growth spurt and was up every hour or two all night. Zzzzzzz.

Diapering: Still using the BumGenius one-size all-in-ones and the BumGenius one-size pocket diapers, and the knock-off BumGenius diapers I bought. Stopped using the Kushies, as they began leaking (including one memorable leakage into his blue bouncer chair). Still loving cloth in general. It really gets to be an addiction — if money was no object, I would have the biggest, most colourful stash imaginable.

Things that surprised me: Probably just how his personality really emerged in his third month. He smiles at us, he laughs, he recognizes us. He’s such a fun little person!

Things that have made me melt: When he wraps his arms around my neck (almost hugging!) and pats my hair for comfort. When he repeats words I say. When his face lights up. He has the most incredible smile.

So what do you think?

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