The beauty of the nap

Since the week before Baby Boy was born, our condo complex has been a construction zone.

They’ve spent the last two summers replacing the siding and decks on the other six buildings, and oddly enough, our building was the final one, and it coincided with us having a newborn. Funny how life bites you in the ass like that, isn’t it?
So for the first two-and-a-half months of his life, there have been construction workers and their (LOUD) tools and (LOUD) yakking right outside our windows, from 7 a.m. sharp to 4:30 p.m.
Some days they have literally been IN OUR WINDOWS, which — for breastfeeding girls like me, with their boobs perpetually hanging out — meant we had to live like mushrooms with the curtains shut tightly and the A/C blasting.
It also meant that the noise was DEAFENING some days, depending on which side of the building they were attacking that day. Baby Boy would fall asleep for a nap in his crib or his Playard bassinet, only to be woken up 30 second later by a piercing saw or nailgun. Suffice it to say, he didn’t wake up calmly to that kind of racket — and who could blame him? The only way he could nap during the noise was in my arms — and even then, sometimes he couldn’t sleep because the noise scared him too much.
But now, the construction is finally OVER, which means Baby Boy is able to — say it with me — have regular naps! Hallelujah!

It’s totally and completely amazing. On days that we go out, it’s not as noticeable — because he’s sleeping in the car, in the mall, etc. But on the days that we stay home, I can count on two or three good naps in his crib.
At first, I had no idea that I really needed to put him down for a nap, because … well … we hadn’t gotten the chance, because of the construction! But in the last two weeks or so, if he’s fed and changed and still fussing — and usually rubbing his eyes — I’ll pop him into his crib and he instantly relaxes and drifts off. I can’t believe he actually likes it — at least so far.
And the best part? Naptime = Mommy’s free time!
At a playgroup I attended a month or so ago, one of the moms commented that she did all her cleaning up while her baby was awake, because when he went down for a nap, that was her time. Best advice ever!
All I can do is respect and encourage his naps, and CROSS MY FINGERS that he doesn’t give them up until kindergarten …

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