Phatness update

I had heard that after you have a baby, you leave the hospital looking “four or five months pregnant.” Hells no, I’m happy to say! Finally, a pleasant surprise about the whole labour/delivery/postpartum experience.

I was actually prancing around my hospital room on the second day of Baby Boy’s life, going, “Look how skinny I am! Look how SKINNY I am!” I was positively GLEEFUL — and damn proud! — at how quickly it had happened.
OK, so I am not skinny. But God, compared to how HUGE I have felt for the last nine months, I feel downright frail.
Remember my puffy ankles, feet and calves? Gone, as of a couple of days ago! (Apparently you remain swollen for the first few days, because of IV fluid, hormones, etc.) I stared at my ankles and calves for like 20 minutes straight today, marveling over how I could see the bones and muscles again. I could actually wear a skirt or shorts now, and not feel like they are tree trunks.
And my huge stomach? DEFLATED! I had heard it’s very squishy and loose-feeling after you have the baby, but it’s not too bad. I think I had been picturing huge wobbly rolls or something — it looks pretty firm, but just feels a bit mushy. I’m not sure if it will continue to go down — if my uterus is still shrinking? — or if what’s left is mine to lose, but we’ll see.
It’s been very hot this week, so I have been walking around our condo wearing nothing but underwear and tank tops. Sometimes just underwear and a nursing bra. When I walk into the bathroom, yes, I turn sideways immediately and marvel at the change. It’s like, where did my GREAT BIG ENORMOUS STOMACH GO?
Oh right, he is here in my arms. Much nicer!

2 Comments on “Phatness update

  1. I remember after the first baby I didn't look pregnant after either! I didn't realize that people did until my now ex-SIL had her first baby. but, after the last two I definitely looked a tad pregnant


  2. This is all very reassuring to hear as I'm working my way (week 29) into the huge days of pregnancy. How long do you have to wait to start exercising? Do you have any activities you plan to do with Baby B? Maybe Mommy & Me classes of some kind?


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