S is for "soft"

Tuesday, June 1, 2010
39 weeks, 2 days pregnant

When the appointment began, I saw a different medical student this time. He was fine, but not as nice as Cute Medical Student. This one will be dubbed Slick Medical Student, as he had a very strange, greasy gelled-back hairstyle.
Anyway, Slick Medical Student did my blood pressure, fundal height, and the baby’s heartbeat. Then he asked if I wanted Dr. L to do a cervical exam.
So I changed into a gown, and soon he returned with Dr. L. She said she’d been disappointed that she hadn’t seen me come into the delivery room when she was on duty over the weekend. I explained that I’d tried REALLY HARD. Our baby is destined to be born in June, I guess!
Soon I was lying back on the examining table, getting checked out. I’m not sure exactly what happened down there, since my gigantic belly blocked my view, but I think it was just a one-or-two-finger dealy. Didn’t hurt at all — just felt pressure-y — which was a relief, since I’d been envisioning horrible instruments or something. Dr. L said it’s the same way they check your cervix when you’re in labour.
Unfortunately, I was not dialated. But my cervix was “soft” and the baby’s head was “right there,” so I’m happy there is at least something positive happening down there. I was worried I would have to hear that my cervix was still hard, which would have been very depressing.
For preggo newbies, here’s the translation: your cervix progresses from hard to soft as part of the birthing process. As it softens, it thins. This can happen slowly over the course of weeks or in just a few hours — which means it’s impossible to predict when you’ll go into labour. Annoying, right?
So I booked an appointment for next Tuesday, as usual. At that point, I will be one day late, so Dr. L says she hopes I don’t make that appointment. ME, TOO!
However, if I do go past my due date by one week, she says I can decide to keep waiting (and have them monitor the baby more regularly), or book an induction. Hmmm, I wonder which one I will choose? Oh, right — INDUCE ME, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!
One week late would be Monday, June 14. But since I only see Dr. L on Tuesdays, it would be Tuesday, June 15 before I’d get to book it — and then would hopefully get induced on Wednesday or Thursday. So the latest I will have this baby, God-willing, is maybe June 16, 17 or 18.
OK, back to thinking positively! It’s going to be sooner than that, I hope. Dr. L says that walking and having sex (she actually says “romance,” because she is more dignified than me) can help speed things along, so that’s what I’ll be doing!
Here are the rest of the details from the appointment:
  • Pee: Fine. No protein, no sugar.
  • Weight: Up one pound. FML.
  • Blood pressure: 118 over 78
  • Baby’s heartbeat: Loud and clear, but lower than usual (146)
  • Baby’s position: His head is “right there”
  • Fundal height: 40 cm
  • Mommy’s mood: Impatience x 10,000,000

So what do you think?

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