Weekly re-cap

(May 23 – May 29)

Symptoms: Swollen feet/ankles and fingers, leg pain, major trouble sleeping, Braxton Hicks contractions, not much appetite, pelvic pressure, cramps.

Body changes: Belly looks the same, but I’m probably scowling more.

Belly button: In for keeps.
Stretch marks: Yes. Very annoying how they snuck in at the last minute.

Baby movement: Definitely has slowed down considerably this week. It starts to worry me sometimes, but when I do the kick-counts, he passes.
What’s new? I have been driving myself crazy Googling “early labor signs” and “labor cramping” and anything else you can think imagine. I can’t stop myself!

Energy level: Low, but I’m adjusting to the short bouts of sleep — going back and forth between the bed and the couch. Good practice for when the baby is here.

Baby preparations: Made nine million bran muffins and nine million pancakes, and froze everything in single-serving baggies. No motivation to make dinner-food. Too much work.
Cravings: Do I have to eat? Sigh. Then “cereal” is my answer. Quick, convenient, nourishing cereal.
High point: Attending a family dinner at Best Friend’s parents’ place last night. After a week of isolation and discomfort and flat-out crazy obsessing over when this baby is arriving, it was a welcome relief to get out and do something and get my mind off it. Distraction is key, I have learned, so I hope I can keep finding distractions until the big day (whenever that might be).

Low point: Learning that I tested positive for Group B Strep, and then worrying like crazy that it will affect Baby Boy. I’m feeling better about it now, after learning that several people I know also tested positive (and had no problems), but it was really upsetting at first.

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