H is for "hopeful"

Saturday, May 29, 2010

38 weeks, 6 days pregnant
Current possible labour symptoms: Cramps, back pain
Woke up this morning feel very disheartened.
After spending yesterday afternoon and evening walking until my legs fell off, I was so HOPEFUL that labour would start last night.
And because I had those really painful contractions/back pain yesterday morning, and I was so HOPEFUL they would develop into something.
And because today is the eight-days-early mark, and I was so HOPEFUL that I would also have my baby eight days early, like my fellow-H1N1-injectee friend.
And because Dr. L is only working in the delivery unit today and tomorrow, and I was so HOPEFUL she would be the one to deliver this baby.
I know that it’s stupid to have my hopes up when I’m not even due for another eight (EIGHT!) days, but I can’t help it. I am just one of those people who get sky-high hopes and then feels very, very sad when something does not pan out.
Other reasons I think this waiting game is feeling way longer than it should:
  • Darling Husband has been working doubles for the past few days, so I literally have not seen him
  • I’ve been stuck here without the car, starved for contact with the outside world
  • Everyone has jobs (a.k.a. No time to spend with the pregnant shut-in)
  • I’ve been watching episode after episode of Secret Life of the American Teenager and Make it or Break It — yes, I’m 12
  • I have read all of my 30-odd library books
  • I am not sleeping well, so the days/nights seem much longer
  • I’m tired of cleaning up my craft messes, so I have stopped crafting
I think I need some serious distractions, or else I will be driven completely crazy before my due date even arrives!

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