Waddling towards the finish line

Monday, May 17, 2010

37 weeks, 1 day pregnant
I totally thought I was going to have the baby yesterday.
For those of you too tired/bored/busy to read on, here is the spoiler: I did not have the baby yesterday.
Why did I think it might be “the big day”? Well …
  • I just felt “off”
  • I felt like I had period cramps
  • I felt nauseous
  • My back hurt
  • I was unusually cranky
  • I was having bad Braxton Hicks contractions
  • I had an overwhelming urge to clean up my mess from scrapbooking
Turns out, that is just what being in Week 38 feels like.
I felt bad pretty much all day, and it culminated at bedtime with heartburn so intense that it came in waves that left me gasping. Stupid prescription didn’t help at all!
I ended up spending the entire night on the couch, just so I could sleep sitting up. I’m sure Little Dog and Darling Husband enjoyed having our queen-sized bed to themselves, while me and my army of pillows lay pitifully in the living room.
Anytime, now, Baby … c’mon … anytime …

One Comment on “Waddling towards the finish line

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