My Husband Rocks: Pregnancy brain edition

Friday, May 7, 2010

35 weeks, 5 days pregnant
Dear Darling Husband,

Thank you for understanding that my brain is total mush right now.

I laughed my (huge pregnant) ass off when I saw the little note that was left on the counter, meant to “assist” me in getting out the door to work armed with everything I need.

If I may quote a passage …
  • Blackberry — in charger
  • Apple — in fridge
  • Yogurt — in fridge
  • Milk bottle — clean, in the drainer. Just add milk.
Even with your useful note, I still stood in front of the fridge for about 10 seconds — staring at the travel bottle I’d just filled with milk — thinking, “This isn’t right, is it? … Oh, yes, it is.”

Love, your wife

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