Weekly re-cap

(March 14 to March 20)

Symptoms: Swollen ankles, lack of focus, crazy-person hunger.

Body changes: Just … getting bigger! It really seems contained to the belly, though, which is a blessing. If I look at myself in the mirror, straight-on (and squint … a lot), I don’t even look pregnant. Then I turn to the side and WHOA!

Baby movement: Fast and furious! I can see my belly moving every day, at some point, and feel Baby Boy very regularly — ever hour or so. I’ve relaxed about the kick-count panic, which is great.
What’s new? My shoes were starting to feel tight this week, so I broke down and bought a pair of comfy-and-supportive sandals. They are not going to win me any fashion awards, but they have totally saved my feet. And the adjustable straps on them mean they can contain my feet/ankles even when the puffiness kicks in.
Belly button: Still super-small and wrinkled, but definitely still “in.” Maybe it won’t pop?
Energy level: Moderate. My new sandals have helped make walking around easier, and the weather’s gotten really nice — which means I’m less bundled-up, and can move around better.
Baby preparations: Nursery is painted. Crib is put together. Curtains, cribskirt and tie-backs are sewn. Hand-painted accents on the walls are totally done. All canvases for the walls are done and hung up proudly. Hooks and shelves are painted, and just need to be hung up.
Cravings: Vanilla milkshake — had one yesterday (by itself) for dinner, mmmm. I remember that lovely friend C did the same thing when she was pregnant, and damn, that was a good idea!
High point: Getting to show off a few nursery pics on my Facebook account, so the in-real-life friends could see how it’s going. It was great to see the responses, and feel like all the hard work was worth it!

Low point: Worrying about all of the things — big things — we still need to buy for Baby Boy’s arrival. We have the crib (a gift from mom and my uncle), but still need the dresser/changing table, the glider, the travel system (stroller/carseat), and the Playard with the bassinet (where Baby Boy will sleep for the first few months, in our room). I do have back-up plans that don’t require buying everything new, off our registry, so we’ll see what happens.

So what do you think?

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