201 down, 79 (or so) left to go!

Friday, March 19, 2010

28 weeks, 5 days pregnant
Can you believe I have been pregnant for more than 200 days??? It’s actually 201 days today — and I only have 79 days left — which sounds astonishing.
Here’s a quick update of how I’m feeling and what I’m thinking, after 200+ days of being knocked up:
  • I am still in love with my maternity jeans. I have heard many woman say they wanted to burn them by the time they gave birth, but I am still smitten with both of my pairs. I love that they don’t have a zipper to check, or a waist that can pinch. I love that they are so stretchy! At this point, I’m not looking forward to going back to regular jeans.
  • I get sick of snacking. Everyone loves to yuk it up about pregnant women being chowhounds, but the truth is that sometimes I’m starving, but I don’t want to eat. I’m like, “Sheesh, Baby, I just ate a couple of hours ago!” Of course, I need to eat, because obviously he is hungry — and causing embarrassing hunger rumbles — so I go foraging for a yogurt or peanut-butter crackers or something. But it gets annoying.
  • I analyze my weight, but I don’t really freak over it. When I look in the mirror, my face doesn’t seem fatter — yet when I look at a recent photo of my face, it looks like Chin City. I wonder if my upper arms are plumper, or if they have always been that way? It’s all kind of interesting and kind of unnerving. But it’s just part of the deal.
  • I am in constant awe of my belly. I’m pretty convinced that one reason women go through second, third, nineteeth, etc. pregnancies — besides, you know, creating life — is because having “the bump” is so much fun. It’s tight and firm, so it totally erases any concerns about how flat your stomach is (or isn’t). You don’t have “fat days” where clothes don’t look right, because everything just fits cutely over the bump.
  • The time goes by quickly … and slowly. Some days you feel like you’ve been pregnant forever — seriously, nine months is almost an entire year! And other days, you feel like it’s all going by so fast and you’re going to miss it so much. I find it usually feels more like the latter — whizzing by at warp-speed — except when I get stuck on my back like a turtle* … and it hurts … then pregnancy feels endless.
* Yes, like a turtle. It has happened while lying on the couch, in bed, and on the floor. And then my back seizes up and hurts like hell, and it’s almost impossible to get up. It’s awesome … and totally not embarrassing.

One Comment on “201 down, 79 (or so) left to go!

  1. I'm totally with you on your second point — I'm only just over 15 weeks pregnant and I'm already tired of having to snack all the time. It's to the point where some of my favourite snacks just don't taste good anymore. That's one aspect of pregnancy that I definitely won't miss!


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