Weekly re-cap

(March 7 to March 13)

Symptoms: Back pain, leg pain, swollen ankles, swollen FINGERS.

Body changes: Found out at my OBGYN appointment that I’ve gained six pounds since the previous appointment four weeks ago (!!!) instead of my previous high of four pounds between appointments. Oh, and my fundal height was measuring 28.5 — not 27 — so it marks the first time I have measured anything other than “exactly on” my week (i.e. 23.5 cms = 23.5 weeks). Needless to say, this baby has had a growth spurt!

Baby movement: Baby’s Boy’s movement has picked up considerably this week. I can’t believe it was only Tuesday that I was expressing concern to the doctor. He must have overheard, because he’s been very active ever since. Thanks, baby!
What’s new? SAW him moving from the outside! It was the freakiest, coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I think wearing stripes really helped emphasize his movements, because I tried again last night, and it wasn’t as clear looking at bare skin. Stripes it is!
Belly button: Still indented very slightly. However, it looks super-small and wrinkled. I realized — with a horrified shock — that that’s because most of it is already stretched out!
Energy level: Moderate. I get out of breath really easily (because I am so HEAVY to lug around), but I’ve been making good progress on projects, chores, cooking, etc.
Baby preparations: Nursery is painted. Crib is put together. Curtains, cribskirt and tie-backs are sewn. Hand-painted accents on the walls are totally done. All canvases for the walls are done and hung up proudly. Working on painting/sealing hooks and shelves now.
Cravings: Whipped cream (finally had some yesterday).

High point: Seeing my son actually MOVE! It was incredible! It was also fantastic that Darling Husband got to feel a kick for the first time — he had a hard time spotting the movement, though.

Low point: Finding out I have low iron, and need to go on supplements. I’ve been taking them faithfully ever since, and working on eating more iron, but it made me feel kind of bad — like I should have been aware it was low, and done something about it. I worry a bit that that’s why Baby Boy was a bit quiet in there … exhaustion from no iron!

Paranoid moment of the week: Worrying that my rings will cut off the circulation to my FAT fingers. Still haven’t decided what to do. I don’t want to take them off!

One Comment on “Weekly re-cap

  1. I'm at week 28 now and sadly had to take my rings off a couple days ago 😦 They were stuck on and it was quite the process….


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