We have visible movement!

Friday, March 12, 2010

27 weeks, 5 days pregnant
OK, so it’s not as dramatic — or, um, other-wordly — as in Alien, but it was still movement visible from the outside!
I’ve been watching for it all week, because during Tuesday’s OBGYN appointment the nurse claimed she could see movement — but as you remember, I wasn’t a huge fan of her (and her opinions). So I kind of thought she was full of crap.
I’d been feeling a lot more movement on Wednesday and Thursday nights, which is probably because I was a good little preggo and laid on the couch with my feet up.
The fist “sighting” came this morning. Baby Boy was kicking away, and I was wearing a tight, stretchy top with horizontal stripes. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the stripes move!
I stopped working and sat really still, focusing on the stripes and waiting them to move again. Sure enough, after a pause, they shuddered again! It was the coolest thing!
It wasn’t like I could see an actual foot or elbow or anything sticking out — it was more of a large mass kind of moving beneath my skin. I could see one side of my shirt move, and then the other. A couple of times he made some kind of huge jerky motion and both sides would move at the same time.
After watching it for a few minutes, I grabbed my BlackBerry and tried to capture it on video for Darling Husband, but all you can see is me breathing. I’m going to be quicker to grab it next time! The poor guy has yet to even feel the baby kick, let alone see it, so I hope he gets to experience both this weekend. It’s so freaking cool!

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