Questions and answers

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

27 weeks, 3 days pregnant
Had my regular OBGYN appointment yesterday, and overall it went pretty well. I went in armed with the following (somewhat rational) questions:
  1. How do we get a pediatrician for the baby?
  2. How do we go about getting him circumcised (the baby, not the pediatrician)?
  3. When do my appointments become bi-weekly?
Oh, and the bonus question: “My baby seems to move around less than usual. Cause for panic???”
And came out with the following (somewhat annoying) answers:
  1. “You do not get a pediatrician unless anything is wrong with your baby. Just use your family doctor or your husband’s.” Boo!
  2. “The baby will be checked out at birth, and then that doctor will refer you to the doctor that does circumcisions — and that will be done outside of the hospital, a week or so later. And you have to pay for it, because it’s not covered.” Double boo!
  3. “You start coming in bi-weekly at 28 weeks. Since you’re 27 weeks (and change) right now, you should come back in three weeks, when you’re 30 weeks.” Eh … OK, fine.
Oh, and the bonus question’s answer? “As long as you can count six movements in two hours, he’s fine.” Well, I can definitely do that, so … I guess I won’t worry anymore? Or as much, at least. I don’t think I’m capable of not worrying.

So what do you think?

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