Weekly re-cap

(Jan. 31 to Feb. 6)

Symptoms: Round ligament pain, heartburn (even with my heartburn meds, sadly), leg cramps (sometimes so bad they cause me to have to sleep with them propped up on pillows).

Body changes: This was another week where I feel my stomach got especially big. It’s getting hard to type at keyboards that are level with it, because it juts out so much. Nice and round and rock-hard, though 🙂

Belly button: Still creeping towards the surface. I suspect it could be flattened out as early as next week!
Energy level: Pretty good.
Baby preparations: Speeding along, now that we know we’re having a baby boy! All of the holes have been patched, the paint and fabric has been purchased, and I went a little nutso buying my first batch of baby clothes — so fun!
Cravings: Still fruit, especially grapes and strawberries

High point: Our 3D ultrasound, where we found out we’re having a baby boy! It is so nice to know the sex, and actually get to buy cute gender-specific clothes — not to mention it’s a huge relief to be able to start the nursery. If any of you are contemplating finding out the sex, I highly recommend it.

Here he is! …

Low point: As happy as I am to be expecting our baby boy, I did have a moment of disappointment for not having a baby girl like I’d hoped/expected.

Paranoid moment of the week: Watching the Duggar special about their premature baby, and making a hysterical phone call to Darling Husband. Pregnant women should not want that stuff, and yet we must. We can’t not watch it. It’s a lose-lose situation, really.

3 Comments on “Weekly re-cap

  1. did you try eating bananas? I eat bananas every day for leg cramps, it usually helps. If not, try putting your feet up and make circles with them… hope it helps 😉

    Good luck!!

    p.s. your little boy is soo cute!


  2. Yay, welcome to week 24! I called this “viability week” because it's when doctors start thinking of you and the baby separately should anything happen (not that it will!) rather than just you. And your baby could survive on the outside now if it were born. A very big week!

    Here's to many more healthy weeks ahead for you and little baby boy!


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