Let’s try this again

Friday, February 5, 2010

22 weeks, 5 days preggo
Remember how my little guy was totally uncooperative at our 20-week ultrasound, and the technician couldn’t get all of the heart photos they needed?
Well, I’m very happy to report that at our do-over — which happened on Wednesday, the day after our private clinic 3D ultrasound — everything went much better.
Don’t get me wrong: Baby Boy was still being stubborn, and had his elbows tucked in front of his chest (making it hard to capture the photos), but luckily the tech was able to snap all of the shots she needed.
And after a brief 25-minute wait — as I lay alone, goo-covered, in the room — she came back to report that the doctor said everything looked great.
I won’t get the official ultrasound results until my next OBGYN appointment (scheduled for Wednesday), but the tech assured me that if something had looked abnormal, I would have been told.
So after a whirlwind of ultrasounds — one standard, one 3D one at a private clinic, and one do-over — I think we’re done for a while. I’m actually not sure when I will get another, but I believe it’s not until right before Baby Boy is due. That seems like an eternity away, but time is passing pretty quickly so far, so we’ll see!
I am learning fast that when it comes to babies and pregnancy, you want as few “extras” as possible — because that’s a good sign things are totally average and unexciting.

2 Comments on “Let’s try this again

  1. do you have any 3D photos? I really want to see my baby girl in 3D, but my husband is old school – he does not want to see her face…he wants to be surprised 😦 Stinker!!!


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