Weekly re-cap

(Jan. 17 to Jan. 23)

Symptoms: Heartburn has stopped (providing I remember the twice-daily pill), sinus weirdness continues to wake me up, obsessive registering drama, moaning and groaning when I get up/roll over, difficulty bending down to pick things up.

Body changes: Belly is ginormous, full stop. And I fear I may have started waddling when I’m alone — although not yet confirmed.

Belly button: Still an innie. This is a new category, after I saw it on a lot of other preggo blogs. I figured this is the perfect week to introduce it, since my button is doing weird things. It’s been kind of stretched out and large for a while now, but this week I noticed it feels different on the inside. Like a tiny pea made of skin is in there. I wonder if/when I will lose it completely?
Energy level: Still high. Getting a lot done, but finding my walking speed is much slower. Especially while trudging uphill from the bus. In snowpants and boots. Yes, it’s Canada and it’s freezing, but I am the only person lame enough to wear snowpants on the really cold days.
Baby preparations: Registered at two different stores (department store, and a specialty boutique). Darling Husband won a diaper cake, full of newborn diapers — perfect for those icky meconium days before we begin with the cloth ones. Began figuring out nursery layout/organization. Second-guessed my stroller decision, and then finally accepted it.
Cravings: Fruit, especially grapes, and skim milk. At last week’s registry event, a dietitian said pregnancy is the time to really enjoy healthy foods, and that’s been sticking with me. I’ve been eating really healthy, and trying to eat meals and snacks with all of the food groups — plus, you know, chocolate-chip cookies.

High point: Feeling Little Baby’s first really strong POW kicks (a.k.a. golf balls banging around inside of me). I’ve felt them every day since Friday, and it’s awesome. I always put my hands on my belly and try to feel them from the outside, but I’m not sure if I can yet.

Low point: I was really anxious after our 20-week ultrasound, because Little Baby was not cooperating and the tech said we needed to come back since she couldn’t get all of the measurements she needed. But I found comfort in the stories of other women who’d experienced the same thing, and I’ve been feeling better since then.

Paranoid moment of the week: See “Low point.”

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