My baby, the golf ball?

Friday, January 22, 2010

20 weeks, 5 days pregnant
So apparently Little Baby reads this blog. Or is reading my mind, or something. Because it was only a week ago that I lamented the fact that I haven’t felt any really strong kicks, and then …
POW! I am QUITE CERTAIN that I just felt my first two real baby kicks.
Not tickles.
Not pokes.
Real, honest-to-God KICKS with actual BABY FEET (or fists, or something).
I felt them both pretty low down, just below my bellow button. It was a weird feeling, almost like I had swallowed a golf ball, and felt it go blurp! as I digested it. Like a little thump and then it was gone. It was much, much stronger than anything I’ve felt before.
The scary thing is that I haven’t even eaten my TGIF-chocolate-dip-doughnut treat yet. I was just about to take my first bite. The baby might be punching the crap out of me in a minute, from all the sugar!

2 Comments on “My baby, the golf ball?

  1. Fun! I was just wondering about that actually. It must be so exciting! Did Darling Husband get to feel it yet?

    P.S. A TGIF-chocolate-dip-doughnut sounds amazing! 😉


  2. Nope, Darling Husband hasn't been able to feel any of it yet. I'll get him to try later, if I'm still feeling the golf ball thuds!

    And yes, the doughnut was awesome. God bless Fridays.


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