Blackjack, baby!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I’m fired up this morning!
I’ve hit 20 weeks!
I’ve hit 20 weeks!!!

That means I’m officially in Week 21 (which, as we know, is the way impatient people like me prefer to count it).
It’s my Blackjack week (21!), and a couple of important baby milestones are on the schedule:
  • Today: Attending a special baby event at the department store at which we’ve registered. It’s supposed to have safety demonstrations, giveaways, information, etc. I’m also hoping Darling Husband and I can add a couple of items to the registry while we’re there — things that we’ll want gender-neutral, for future kiddos.
  • Tomorrow: Our 20-week ultrasound! I’m super-excited to see Little Baby’s sweet face again, especially because this time we’ll probably get a longer glimpse. There is also a really, really small possibly that we’ll be able to tell the gender (hamburger or turtle, remember) or that the technician will be a softy and tell us (even though they’re not supposed to tell us).
More to come later, once I’ve been thoroughly overwhelmed with the amount of items for which we’re “supposed” to register.

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