Kick me … please?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

19 weeks, 6 days pregnant
Remember how I first felt Little Baby moving around in Week 15, and I was all, “Ohh, the baby’s moving! Sunshine and rainbows, I’m so happy!”
Well, back then — you know, waaaaay back a whole four weeks ago, it was considered “early” movement, and I was super proud to have felt it. I didn’t worry about how often I felt it, because either way, I was ahead of the game! Some people hadn’t even felt their babies move by that point, yay me, etc.
Now that I’m in Week 20, it’s a different ball game. Some people are feeling hardcore kicks and punches from their little bambinos, and I have just still been feeling “pokes.”
But what counts as a “kick”? I read it as a somewhat violent motion, that you go, “OH! There’s a kick!” What I feel are tickly feelings or little nudges and pokes — I wouldn’t call them kicks, but is that what other people are calling them?
The bottom line is this: sometimes it seems like I’m feeling Little Baby less than I have in previous weeks. And it’s got me worried, of course. Bouncing worrying is what we Tiggers pregnant women do best.
I’ve been Googling “week 20 pregnant fetal movement” until my fingers are practically falling off, reading message boards to see what other preggos have felt in their twentieth week, and generally obsessing.
I do feel Little Baby every day, I think, but some days his/her presence is barely noticeable unless I drink ice-cold water or something super-sugary. Are those the days when he/she is facing my back, making it harder to feel the little taps? Is he/she just napping a lot? Lazy?
Maybe those gentle nudges mean he/she is a sensitive soul and doesn’t want to hurt Mommy? Awww …

So what do you think?

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