Breaking news: someone called me small today!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

19 weeks, 3 days pregnant
No, hell did not freeze over. But someone did call me small. Well, sort of. Let me start at the beginning.
I was at the OBGYN for my third appointment with Dr. L. After the usual waiting around, I did the pee thing and the weight thing, then some more waiting.
This time, though, when Friendly Nurse came into the room, she had a medical student with her. I said I didn’t mind — she was a nice-looking girl, not a creeper guy or anything — and they both proceeded to take my blood pressure (124/68).
Then it was time for my favourite part — hearing Little Baby’s heartbeat! I yanked down my leggings and pulled up my dress, and watched while Friendly Nurse explained the procedure to Medical Student. She started pressing down my me, and telling her how to feel for the top of the uterus, etc.
And then …

Friendly Nurse told Medical Student it was so much easier to feel everything on me, because I was “so much smaller” than the previous patient. Medical Student began feeling me up as well, and agreed that it was much easier.
Smaller! I’ll take it!
Then Friendly Nurse took out the heartbeat machine, and explained to Medical Student that it can take some time to find in Week 20, because the baby “could be anywhere in there!” She also said as soon as the baby feels the cold machine, they tend to run and hide. It made me wonder if the baby squirms when I put on my freezing-cold cream at night.
But as soon as she pressed the heartbeat machine against me, we heard it loud and clear! Aww, good morning, Little Baby!
And again, Friendly Nurse commented on how it was so easy to find it (compared to the last patient), because of my “smaller size.” Hee hee.
Then for fun (fun?) she pressed down harder with the machine and sort of “chased” the baby, and we actually heard Little Baby’s heartbeat speed up a bit! Poor thing. What a way to wake up!
In the end, three very important things were accomplished at this third OBGYN appointment:
  • We got the maternal blood screening results. Those two blood tests were totally worth it. We found out that Little Baby has an extremely low risk of having any birth defects. Huge relief!
  • We found out the prenatal classes are back on! The H1N1 plague forced them to be cancelled for the last few months, but they’re back on starting at the end of January. I called immediately and left a message to get us booked in.
  • I got a prescription for Zantac (totally safe in pregnancy) to help combat my killer heartburn. I cannot get to a drugstore soon enough.
Oh, wait — four things:
  • For two seconds, I did not feel like I weight 4,000 pounds — I was small (well, by association), bitches!

2 Comments on “Breaking news: someone called me small today!

  1. Isn't that nice? I'm 30 weeks now and had someone tell me the other night that I in no way looked like I was going to have a baby in two months. I smiled and said “I can't see my feet anymore when I look down, so I know how big I feel, but thank you, thank you, thank you! for telling me I look small!” 🙂

    I love everytime I hear the baby's gets easier as you get farther along. Now my doc hears it in seconds!

    Congrats on the good blood screen, and the prenatal classes. I take my first one with my husband this weekend.

    And yay for the Zantac (although sorry you have to take it!) it'll help! I've been on something similar since 20 weeks and it's helped, although since entering the 3rd trimester I take that and Rolaids occasionally because sometimes the heartburn is unbearable! For me, drinking milk works to take it away too (although my doc said that it should technically make it worse but for some reason for me it works!)


  2. Thanks for the nice comment, Kate! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who needs to take heartburn meds — and very glad they've been helping you! I tried your trick of drinking milk last night, and it definitely seemed to help.


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