Weekly re-cap

(Dec. 27 to Jan. 2)

Symptoms: Baby-movement (but less than the past few weeks), heartburn

Body changes: An ever-growing bump! I also think my skin is taking a turn for the worst, but I’m hoping that doesn’t last.

Energy level: Incredible. I really took advantage of my week off, and my nesting went into overdrive!
Cravings: Not anything noticeable, but since I’m no longer grossed out by chicken and mayonnaise, I made my famous chicken wraps for the first time in about three months — so yummy!

High point: Feeling relived that I tackled a lot of the projects on my list (purging the condo, organizing, cleaning, etc.).

Low point: Worrying about Darling Husband driving in the massive snowstorms we’ve been having this week. I’ve always been afraid of driving/passengering in snowstorms, so I can only imagine how much more worried I’ll be next winter, with Little Baby in the backseat.

Paranoid moment of the week: Feeling a little worried that I’m noticing less baby movement. I feel some taps everyday, but not as much as the week of Christmas (and the weeks leading up to Christmas). I’m hoping it’s because I’m eating less sugar!

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