Weekly re-cap

(Dec. 20 to Dec. 26)

Symptoms: Lots of baby-movement, hunger attacks, dizziness — peeing has finally eased up, though!

Body changes: My back’s been a bit sore, and it feels like I’m heaving myself up sometimes.

Energy level: Good — didn’t work on the baby’s room, though, unfortunately. Christmas is such a busy time!
Cravings: Green grapes (again)

High point: Having a great Christmas with Mom and Little Sis — which included getting some very lovely gifts for Little Baby! It was emotional thinking that this time next year, we’ll have a six-month old!

Low point: Missing Darling Husband (who spent Christmas with his own fam, and worked a lot). Next year will be different for sure, since it will be the first year we’re doing our “own” Christmas, but I’m also looking forward to it — to creating our own traditions with the baby.

Paranoid moment of the week: Taking a couple of sips of sparking wine at Christmas dinner. Tried to reassure myself that women in France drink wine all throughout their pregnancies, but still felt guilty.

Weird moment of the week: While watching movies and vegging with Mom and Little Sis, I noticed that Little Baby kicked like crazy during the opening cheer of the Bring It On movie AND a New Moon preview. Girl??? Or was the baby just responding to things I like?

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