Weekly re-cap

(Dec. 13 to Dec. 19)

Symptoms: The peeing (although I think it’s easing up, knock on wood), lots of baby-movement, crazy hunger, dizziness

Body changes: Still a slow, steady “pop” of my stomach, generally feeling heavier

Energy level: Good. Unfortunately, it was all spent on physical labour at the office (don’t ask), so our condo still looks like a bomb went off. Hoping to fix that in Week 17.
Cravings: Mom’s homemade Christmas candy (a.k.a. sugar, butter, chocolate, and more butter). Mmmm. Although I would have wanted it anyway, so I’m not sure if this counts?

High point: Having our second OBGYN appointment with Dr. L, and getting to hear Little Baby’s heartbeat for a second glorious time. Did I mention I really want one of those doppler-thingys???

Low point: A crippling headache that lasted all of Saturday … while I was at the OFFICE … (again, don’t ask). I took one regular-strength Tylenol, but it didn’t help, and I didn’t want to inflict any more drugs on the little bean. It was horrible, though.

Paranoid moment of the week: Walking to the bus stop every morning on very slippery, snowy/icy sidewalks. I was so afraid of taking a spill and hurting Little Baby. Being preggo during winter in Canada is rough … but then again, being hugely pregnant in the summer heat is something I’ll be glad to avoid. It was even built into my “plan” way back in February.

Weird moment of the week: I mentioned that my brain seems to have gone on hiatus, and I am sad to report that it’s even worse than I feared. Along with spacing out, aimlessly driving, and passing simple decisions onto Darling Husband (because I plead that his “brain is sharper right now!”), I have also started to lose my excellent, world-famous memory. I can just hear Mom and Little Sis snickering, because I have long been known as an elephant who remembers everything. Whatever — if they bug me about it, I’ll just roll over and crush them.
Emotional moment of the week: Feeling sad about how much Darling Husband works. Sometimes I’m strong about it, but other times it just feels so hard. I get so jealous of other couples who get to spend every evening together, when we usually have to wait two weeks just to spend part an evening together. I try to stay practical about it, but I just miss him so much.

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