Poke, poke

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

14 weeks, 2 days pregnant
I felt the baby move last night!!!
Well, I’m pretty sure I felt the baby move last night. I am, after all, the same person who was convinced she got pregnant in July, and then in August. And was also somewhat convinced she was carrying twins.
Anyway, I am fairly certain I felt the baby move last night. I was lying in bed, on my right side, talking to Darling Husband before we went to sleep. I was whining about work, to be honest. And in the middle of a sentence, I stopped short …
… I had felt a weird bubble-popping sensation in the general baby region (i.e. a few inches below my belly button, on my left side). I had just been discussing baby movement with L earlier that afternoon, so the “bubbles popping” analogy was fresh in my mind.
I told Darling Husband what I felt, and we both hushed up as I waited to feel more. Well, I think he may have dozed off, actually.
There was stillness, and then I felt something else. This time it wasn’t like bubbles, but more like a vibrating keychain.
Yes, you read that correctly:vibrating key chain. I have no idea what that even means, as I have never owned a vibrating key chain, but that’s the analogy that popped into my head. Something tiny and … motorized?
I laid as still as I could, and felt it kind of bump around in there, so faintly. Darling Husband put his hand on my stomach, trying to feel it, but I explained that we won’t be able to feel the kicks through my skin until 21 or 22 weeks.
I felt bad that he couldn’t feel it yet, so I tried to think of ways to describe it to him, and eventually came up with “a little fish swimming around and the water’s rippling” and “a sloshing bowl of soup.”
I tried different positions — on my back, on my left side — but couldn’t feel anything unless I was on my right side. Weird, right?
Today’s been a blur of running around the office, so I haven’t noticed anything. When I’m sitting up at my desk, typing or talking on the phone, I can’t feel anything. But when I sit very still and quiet, and do nothing except breathe in and out, I can almost get that “rippling water” feeling.
You can bet that when I get home from work tonight, I’m downing a glass of OJ and lying on my right side — hoping for more movement!

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