Weekly re-cap

(Nov. 15 to Nov. 21)

Symptoms: Monster headaches (because of the extra blood flowing or something), mood swings (I was possibly was slightly was a huge, hysterical psycho-bitch today …)

Body changes: There is no hiding the bump — or my bigger knockers. Still have not bought a bigger bra, but that is a must-do goal for this week.

Energy level: Seems to have dropped off a bit from last week, since I haven’t been feeling that well. But I made a H-U-G-E list of things to accomplish to start getting the nursery cleaned out, condo de-cluttered, etc. I’m hoping to start tackling a few items this week.

Cravings: Cereal with skim milk, garlic fingers

Could not stomach: Mayonnaise — but actually managed to eat a bit of Caesar salad at the in-laws’ so maybe the tide will turn soon — chicken, ground beef. Also, the fridge is still really grossing me out.

High point: Our amazing first OBGYN visit, where we got to hear Little Baby’s heartbeat and sneak a quick peek with an ultrasound. Absolutely mind-blowing amazing.

Low point: Feeling guilty over my mood swings — poor Darling Husband.

Paranoid moment of the week: Leaving work an hour early because I felt feverish. I was convinced I had come down with the flu, but by the time I got home to check, I didn’t actually have a temperature. Still felt pretty bad for two days, though, so I laid low.

Weird moment of the week: Seeing photos of a pregnant friend on Facebook, and wondering (vainly) if my face will get quite so fat? I suppose it is very likely. I am not going to be a basketball girl, sadly, so I think gaining everywhere is in the cards.

Emotional moment of the week: Breaking down over Little Baby’s ultrasound photo. The emotion of seeing him/her didn’t totally hit me until I was alone that night, looking at that tiny, perfect little profile.
Best decision of the week: Getting maternity jeans! They are awesome, and I LOVE them.

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