Picture perfect

Thursday, November 19, 2009

11 weeks, 4 days pregnant
It’s been more than 24 hours, and I still can’t stop thinking about yesterday’s heartbeat and spur-of-the-moment ultrasound.
Darling Husband and I actually got two photos from the ultrasound! One of them is very clear, and you can see a side view of Little Baby’s perfect profile, and the other one doesn’t really show much — at least not that I can tell.
I don’t plan on posting them here — since I’m planning to scan them for my real Facebook profile as soon as I drop the bomb. But I realized I needed to blog about these photos, even if I’m not displaying them on this blog, because of one important reason: I CAN’T STOP LOOKING AT THEM.
It’s like these photos are actually the baby or something — that’s how carefully I am guarding them.
The second I got to my office yesterday, after leaving the hospital, I grabbed a clear plastic folder — tossing the contents in a random bin — and cut out a little protective cover. Once I slipped the photos inside, I taped all around the edges to make sure the photo wouldn’t fall out.
Then, I felt free to show the photos to everyone in my office — since they know now — without worrying that they would bend or rip or breathe on my precious first baby photos. I kept the photos propped up on my desk all afternoon, and glanced over every few minutes seconds.
Last night when I went to bed, I propped up the little plastic-covered photos on my nightstand, and then picked up my book to read for a bit. Immediately, I put the book down and picked up the photos again, and stared …
… and stared …
… and stared …
All of a sudden, I was sobbing over these two tiny black-and-white photos. Pictures of our baby. With a teeny-tiny head and a little nose and mouth and a little waving hand. Our baby was real, and it was inside me, right now, looking like a little human already. The baby that wouldn’t even be a person without me and Darling Husband and I just — *sob*

Needless to say, I brought the photos back to work with me today, and have already made plans to get copies made this weekend — and buy little frames!

The photos absolutely cemented the fact that there is a baby in there, and it’s ours. Suddenly I am totally and completely impatient for our next ultrasound in January, when we’ll get another glimpse of the little person that’s in there …
… and hopefully more photos!

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