Weekly re-cap

(Oct. 26 to Nov. 1)

Symptoms: Nauseous, exhausted, peeing a lot, excessive hunger

Body changes: Stomach is most definitely getting bigger (wore my belly band with all pants and jeans — except my blessed yoga pants).

Cravings: Oreos (finally got some!)

Loved chowing down on: Plums, clementine oranges, green grapes — fruit is rocking my world right now! And, you know, Oreos.

Could not stomach: Mayonnaise (or the thought of any sandwiches or wraps), looking at raw meat.

High point: Going for my eight-week appointment and hearing that all of my vitals are perfect — and that I get to see my OBGYN so soon!

Low point: Spotting that lasted about a day. Absolutely terrifying, and I am not sure I will ever stop crossing my fingers before looking at my underwear (until Baby is safely here).

Paranoid moment of the week: Holding my breath while walking past smokers on the street. I have always hated walking through clouds of smoke, but now I feel like snarling, “Baby on board, assholes!”

Weird moment of the week: Probably being surprised by how my hunger has amped up. I am still trying to get used to packing bigger lunches, and making sure I have healthy snacks available (fruit has helped) so I avoid eating crap just because it’s easy.

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