My Husband (REALLY) Rocks

Dear Darling Husband,

You have never been more worthy of a “My Husband Rocks” post, as you have this week.
  • You have cooked
  • You have cleaned up the condo
  • You have done the dishes
  • You have loaded the dishwasher
  • You have walked Little Dog
  • You have made the bed
  • You have made my lunches — including how you lovingly sliced my green apple every morning, carefully placed the slices into a baggie, and then proceeded to liberally soak them with lemon juice — ladies, it helps with morning sickness. TRY IT.
I have felt guilty a lot this week, as I lay in a bundled heap on the couch, watching you flit around and tackle all of the work I used to do we used to share.

Guilty that I have been too exhausted/nauseated to do anything productive. But you are always quick to remind me that I’m doing some hard work of my own. And for that, you are completely and absolutely wonderful.


Love, your wife

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