You give me fever

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I am running hot these days.
While everyone around me is a exclaiming over the cool, crisp autumn weather, I am sweating like a little preggo piggy.
I am always too hot in my coat. I had to stop wearing cardigans around the office because I was boiling. I’m too hot under the covers. I crank the AC in the car, probably freezing out poor Darling Husband.
I have even taken to carrying our thermometer around in my purse and taking my temp every few hours, because I constantly feel like I’m burning up!
It ranges between normal and 99.5, so it’s not anything to be concerned about. The buzz on the ‘net is that a lot of women run temperatures — real ones, way higher than mine — while they’re pregnant, because their body is doing so much hard work beneath the surface.
I always knew I was hot stuff!

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