How it happened …

Monday, September 28, 2009
6:10 a.m.

I am pregnant. Pregnant!!!

My hands are shaking as I type this. I just took the test about 10 minutes ago.
It was my last test, a First Response one stashed in my medicine cabinet, and I almost didn’t take it. I was trying not to get my hopes up, so I almost decided to wait and see if I got my
period or not.
I peed on it as usual — I really do like taking those things! It’s fun! — and re-capped it, and set it on the counter while I washed my hands and face and brushed my teeth.
I couldn’t help peeking, of course, and that one bright pink line was immediately visible — as I’ve seen for the last two months. I was disappointed, figuring that if it ever did display two lines, they would all come up at the same time.
I finished putting my face cream on, and looked down again. Two pink lines.

Two pink lines. One was faint, and I rifled through the instructions in a panic — even though I’d memorized them months ago.
Just as I had remembered, even a faint pink line means you are pregnant — it detects the amount of the pregnancy hormone in your system, and mine would only have less than two weeks’ worth.
Two pink lines.
I beamed for a few minutes in the mirror, my face shiny with cream and my body looking childish in my striped navy and pink pyjamas. Pregnant, pregnant, pregnant!

It was only shortly after 6 a.m., because I’d gotten up early to write before work. I bounded into the bedroom and jumped back into bed with Darling Husband, holding the test.
“Baby, I’m pregnant!” I squealed.
“Congratulations,” he said with a sleepy smile.
I think my response was maniacal giggling, followed by a rushed explanation of the two lines and what they meant. I kissed him and let him go back to sleep, while I hurried away to take pictures of the beloved pee-stick and write about all of the feelings that were exploding inside me!
And now I’m parked in front of my laptop, trying to write, but I can’t stop staring at those two pink lines.
They meant everything to me, to us. I am so happy right now. I never want to forget how good this feels.

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