My Husband Rocks

Dear Darling Husband,

Yesterday you e-mailed me a funny Jon Gosselin video, and I replied that I just told our general manager I was going to jump out the window.

You didn’t reply, but (rightfully) got the picture that my workday was going, uh, horribly.

Hours later, out of nowhere, you showed up at my office with a tea and a chocolate-dip doughnut. Just like the other time you did it, I was completely shocked.

And THEN, you pulled out a pack of honey-roasted peanuts AND a little bag of gummy bears AND a bag of Sour Patch Kids. You weren’t sure what to get, so you got every treat you could think of.

You stayed and talked with me for a while, sitting on the windowseat in my office, while I sipped my tea. When you left, I felt a million times better, and was able to get through the rest of the day. Thank you for being so sweet!

Love, your wife

P.S. My general manager is probably grateful to you, too, as there would have been a halt in production if I really had jumped out the window.

2 Comments on “My Husband Rocks

  1. Thank you for your message…my husband agreed with your take on it. Why open up a can of worms and then have to deal with it? I guess this is one instance where I will not let curiosity kill the cat!


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