Another kitchen miracle

A couple of weeks ago, I made dinner out of nothing here on Laptops to Lullabies.

And I was damn proud of myself. Me! The girl who is faaaamous for opening the fridge and cupboards and whining that there is nothing to eat, when she is staring at a whack of groceries.

Last night, I came home from work and realized that we really didn’t have much in the way of groceries. We spent the weekend away, so we didn’t have much of anything — except weekend-away essentials like marshmallows, hot dogs, and chips.

I called Darling Husband and insisted that he get groceries after he got off work last night. We had nothing for breakfast, lunch or dinner for the next day (today), and he absolutely needed to buy a few things.

After we hung up, I was pouty. I knew he’d go to the store, somehow spend $50 or $60 — because we can’t come out of the grocery store with less than that — and then have to
spend our usual amount on groceries on Saturday.

I didn’t like that idea.

So I poked through the fridge and examined my options. We had … well, this:

Editor’s note: We also had bacon, but I forgot to take a “before” photo of it. It‘s eating me up — ha, food pun — so let’s pretend you just saw a pic of bacon. Also, I think you know you’re a blogger when you are actually upset you forgot to snap a photo of a half-empty pack of bacon.

I scrambled up the eggs, cooked the bacon, chopped up the green onion, and made …

Yummy breakfast burritos!

They looked so good, I wanted to eat them then, even though it was 7 p.m. Fresh with excitement, I moved onto the harder task: lunch and dinner.*

Editor’s note: Yes, I almost always make dinner a day in advance, because (A) Darling Husband works most evenings, and needs something to take with him, and (B) I need to eat as close to 5 p.m. as possible, for the good of humankind. So I need a pre-made dinner I can gobble within seconds of getting off my dreaded bus.

Anyway, onto lunch and dinner …

Yummy Chicken Bacon wraps!

While I was assembling the wraps, I noticed that they weren’t going to be enough for a meal — especially for my big, strapping Darling Husband.

So I resorted to a dirty little sidedish …

Um … Kraft Dinner and hotdogs

Yes, folks — the Dirty D. Kraft Dinner. KD with hot dogs. KD and HD, if you will.

I was proud of myself for finding a way to use up the hotdogs — and give Darling Husband the meat he is so very obsessed with — and I had exactly enough milk to make the cheese sauce. I mean to the drop, exactly enough. It was like KD fate or something.

Chicken Bacon wraps
(with, uh, KD & HD)

I was happy to call Darling Husband back and tell him that there was no need to get groceries — I had someone managed to create breakfast, lunch and dinner out of freaking nothing.

Because I’m just that awesome of a wife.

2 Comments on “Another kitchen miracle

  1. You ARE an awesome wife! Well done! You've just inspired me to skip my own regular grocery day and see how long I can make our current randoms last.


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