This is the way we wash the clothes …

It wasn’t that long ago that every day had a regular task

Monday: Washing
Tuesday: Ironing
Wednesday: Sewing/mending
Thursday: Market (food-shopping)
Friday: Cleaning
Saturday: Baking
Sunday: Day of rest

These days, I know my schedule is more like this …

Monday: Struggle through the workday. Usually Date Night (unless Darling Husband is working).
Tuesday: Struggle through the workday. Slump in front of TV in exhausion.
Wednesday: Struggle through the workday. Sometimes craft with friends.
Thursday: Struggle through the workday. Be eternally grateful tomorrow is Friday.
Friday: Struggle through the workday. Sometimes have dinner at the in-laws.
Saturday: Get groceries (or make lists for Darling Husband to get groceries). Clean house. Do laundry.
Sunday: Cook/bake. Finish cleaning house. Attempt to possibly fold laundry.

It lacks that old-fashioned charm, doesn’t it? It’s also terribly un-balanced. I hate spending most of my weekend doing chores, and so the idea of spreading them out is looking very appealing.

Plus, there is the embarassing fact that I do not iron clothing: only hair and iron-on decals. Seriously. But I know I’ve got to start, now that I’m officially creeping up on 30.

You already know about my Laura Ingalls Wilder obsession — Ma Ingalls followed this little ditty — so it’s not surprising that I’ve decided to make my own version. HOWEVER, I am a modern woman, so I am also building in little rewards …

Monday: Laundry … and Date Night with Darling Husband
Tuesday: Ironing … and painting
Wednesday: Vacuuming/sweeping … and Spa Night*
Thursday: Mending … and craft night with the girls
Friday: Clean the bathrooms … and sewing
Saturday: Grocery-shopping … and scrapbooking
Sunday: Cooking/baking … and nail-painting**

* I am not rich. Spa night takes place in my own bathroom, FYI. Anybody can do a facial.
** Yes, nail-painting is a whole activity for me. I do fingers and toes every week, and sometimes I like doing elaborate extremely bizarre designs. Just ask Little Sis — she is horrified.

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