Top 5 reasons for my blogging hiatus …

  1. It’s really hot. Really hot, which means I can’t do much more than sprawl on the couch. Or in a cold bath. Last night I dragged the laptop into my bathroom and watched episode after episode of Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-Listam totally obsessed with her show right now — while sitting in a tub of cold water. In the dark. In case you couldn’t already tell, we do not have air-conditioning.
  2. I was away … Darling Husband and I had a lovely mini-break, and I was too busy with packing for us and packing for Little Dog — who was graciously baby-sat by Sister-in-Law — to write some posts in advance.
  3. and didn’t bring my laptop. I try not to bring it on any trips. Between Home “HP” Laptop and Workie “Dell” Laptop, I’m with these two chicks 24/7. A true vacay is a break from both of them.
  4. It was my birthday. Yup, I’m another year older. Another year closer to 30. Another year further from 20. Half-way to 50-something. Damn, I remember when birthdays used to be fun. After I turned 21, I officially passed all of the “good” ages. Now it’s just filler, really. And where is my baby???
  5. I was feeling uninspired. That happens to all of us in the Bloggie World, doesn’t it? I won’t judge you, if lest not yet ye be judged — or something like that.

One Comment on “Top 5 reasons for my blogging hiatus …

  1. Glad you're back. I too have been uninspired. And a little grumpy about my childless state. I know you can relate to that :). But I too am trying to keep up with the blogs. This is my attempt.


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