My Husband Rocks

Dear Darling Husband,

You didn’t get one of these posts last week, since we were both so busy with Best Friend’s wedding. You checked my blog all day Friday, looking for it, and finally announced that you supposed you weren’t getting a “My Husband Rocks” this week. Well, this one counts for two … 🙂

On the Saturday before last, I woke up with a plan. It felt like the whole summer was going to be gone before we knew it, and I was determined to get to the beach at least once. I wanted to walk on the sand, build a castle, and get at least my feet in the water. You had to work in the afternoon, so it would need to be a quick trip. I pounced on you and begged you to get up, and we started packing for the drive.

The drive to the beach was fun. You laughed at me when the winding roads made me feel sick, and we both exclaimed at Little Dog — sticking her head out the window, thrilled with the salty sea air.

When we hit the sand, she took off as fast as she could. She had never felt the sand under her paws before, and she was wild. You were crazy enough to get in the freezing water, and she cried when you ducked under the waves and disappeared from her sight. We stood shivering, up to our ankles, and grinned and waved as you got deeper and deeper. I couldn’t believe how brave you were, to bear that cold!

We don’t own pails and shovels yet — not until we need them for little hands — so we brought Tupperware and a plastic popcorn bucket from our Transformers date. You helped me make a castle, and we just laughed when Little Dog tromped straight through it, oblivious.

Thank you for a wonderful morning.

Love, your wife

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