Not Me Mondays

  • I am not wearing the most awkward outfit imaginable today. I would never wear leggings, a skirt, a long-sleeved shirt, and rubber boots in July. It is always sunny and warm in Canada, and never rains.
  • I am not staring at a handful of nickels and pennies, which are somehow supposed to get me home on the bus. I have a chauffeur who takes me everywhere, and I never have to resort to public transportation.
  • I did not get orange juice all over my BlackBerry, making it all sticky. I treat my electronic devices with total respect, and would never drop, ding, or scratch them.
  • I am not considering buying nail polish remover to keep in my office, for emergencies such as chips. I am definitely not staring at my nails right now, hating the chips. I am not bothered by such shallow things.
  • I am not dancing behind my desk to Avril Lavigne’s Girlfriend, which is floating through my window from the radio playing outside. I am not a sucker for teenybop music.

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