Positions in the bedroom

This is weird … but interesting …
Apparently, when you’re pregnant, doctors recommend you sleep on your left side. You can even buy special pillows — pregnancy pillows! — to make this easier.
Sleepiong on this side “helps promote optimal blood flow to your uterus, helping feed, nurture and support your unborn baby,” according to this site.

“For many women, especially those who were former back sleepers, the left side lying position is the most comfortable alternative during pregnancy. If you haven’t tried it before, be sure to try it today; just don’t try it without a proper support pillow! You may find you continue sleeping on your side even after pregnancy.”

On an episode of Meet the Barkers — don’t judge — preggo Shanna had a really cool pregnancy pillow, and Travis kept stealing it because it was so comfortable.

I’m definitely a side-sleeper — lying on my back gives me a headache — but I usually go back and forth between my right and left sides. I guess I’d better practice “left-siding” … or buy one of those cute pillows, hee hee!

3 Comments on “Positions in the bedroom

  1. I think this is something I would struggle with. I sometimes feel like when I want to sleep on my side, I would need one of those pillows now! I know the pillow will be one of the first pregnancy purchases for me! 😀


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