A small step for … um, Earth-saving?

Lindsey over at Like a hamster on a wheel just wrote a great post on recycling and composting. While I admit I am a terrible recyclyer and a non-existant composter, I did recently make a change for the better …

I’m not a huge sandwich girl — blame it on two years of braces. Confused? Well, if you’ve never had braces, you have never known the horror of biting into soft bread and having it wedge itself firmly underneath your wires. Yeah, it’s super-awesome.

Anyway, Darling Husband and I bring leftovers for lunch almost every day, and I always pack them in hard plastic containers with screw-on lids. We would unscrew the lid at the office, toss it in the microwave, and gobble it straight from the container.

I’d heard that it wasn’t safe to microwave food in plastic containers, but I didn’t really care … until I read it in “the bible.” Then, suddenly, it was crucial that I change my ways. I didn’t want to fill my soon-to-be-preggo body up with weird toxic plastic!
A colleague actually has glass lunch containers with plastic lids — very cool. I didn’t want to invest in those just yet, so instead, I brought a small plate to work — along with a fork, knife, spoon, mug and bowl. Now I still bring my lunch in a plastic container, but dump it onto the plate to re-heat.
When I’m done eating — which usually takes a full hour, because I am a slowwwww eater — I wash everything off and shove it back in my desk for the next day. Easy peasy!
Darling Husband went as far as to bring the cutlery to his office, but won’t bring a plate — probably because I wouldn’t be there to wash it (sorry, hon, but it’s true).
God knows what he does to clean his cutlery … wipes it on his cargo shorts, I suspect.
P.S. I just realized this is probably a selfish “change,” as it only benefits me and my health. Since I am still bringing my lunch in the plastic container, I’m not really saving the Earth at all? Am I? Hmm …

So what do you think?

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