My Husband Rocks

Dear Darling Husband,

Our vacation last week was wonderful. You tirelessly drove us all over America the Beautiful, allowing me to snooze in the passenger seat.

I will never forget how hard you laughed when you realized I was snoring away with my Ralph sunglasses overtop my pink satin slumber mask.

We adventured and tried new, crazy outdoorsy things, and you didn’t complain when I lingered in the souvenir shops. We saw beautiful sights, met really nice people, and managed to travel for 22 hours (each way) without jabbing each other with airline forks. It was awesome.

But then … we came home. We were thrown back to our usual routines — except crazier, to get caught up on everything. You’ve been working like mad. I’ve been busy with freelance.

I think spending six whole days with you spoiled me. Because I have missed you so much this week, and I just had to tell you that.

Love, your wife

This letter is part of “My Husband Rocks Fridays”

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