Nickel and diming

At the beginning of April, Darling Husband and I decided to do some CBin’ and MMMin’ — that’s Cut Back and Make More Money for those who haven’t read Confessions of a Shopaholic.
So let’s see how we did! What are blogs for, if not total accountability? 
Cutting back …
  • Cancel home phone service. Done. Monthly savings of about $20.
  • Cancel speciality channels. Done. Monthly savings of about $20.
  • Look into our vehicle options. We looked into trading our Jeep for something smaller, but it would mean paying out waaaay too much. So we’re going to stick it out until our lease is up in a year.
  • Sticking to the budget. This sucks, but we’ve been doing it. This doesn’t save money, but it doesn’t lose it, either!
Making more money …
  • Working extra hours. Hubby is sticking to his goal of picking up an extra $350 worth of shifts to pay off the tax debt.
  • Freelance. Nothing yet, but I have been working extra hard on getting my novel published. And let’s face it — that would be the very best kind of freelance.

OK, confession time! In the words of Gwen, if I was a rich girl (na na na na na naaaaa), the first thing I would retract is the “sticking-to-the-budget” item. I miss the extras like …
  • Lunchtime shopping excursions where I’d pick up a top or a skirt just because I wanted it. Ahhhh.
  • Buying lunch at the yummy place downstairs from my office
  • Going to the movies. Somewhere along the way, it started costing $30 for two tickets, and $25 for two popcorn combos. Ouch. No, thanks.
  • Buying books online. Heaven!
  • Makeup-shopping. I have plenty, so I can technically stay away from the stores and not look like a wildebeest. But I just love wandering the drugstore aisles, picking up a new nail polish and new lipstick.
What splurges do you miss, during these icky economic times?

So what do you think?

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