The groupie in me

AMAZING news! My friend C is pregnant!!!

Since starting this blog about my future plans, I have obviously had a baaaaad case of baby fever. So finding out one of my friends is pregnant is the equivilent of someone blogging about home decor and finding their friend has a show on HGTV. 
Yeah, I’m a preggo groupie!
Darling Husband and I are beyond thrilled for C and her hubby. They are the first of our friends to get pregnant, so it’s exciting to be able to openly discuss all-things-baby with another couple. 

Of course, as soon as I found out the happy news, I was babbling on about Laptops to Lullabies. I dragged over the laptop and showed off my little blog, and told C all about my online friends who are also trying to get pregnant. 

C read a couple of posts and was even wearing a BellaBand, one of the items on my wish list! It was like my blog come to life!
So naturally, I pestered C with tons of questions — oh, the joys of being friends with a pregnancy-obsessed girl like me. In the name of higher preggo education, here are a couple of interesting things she told me about morning sickness that you won’t read in What to Expect …
  • Her morning sickness started about six weeks in.
  • Yes, it does happen morning, noon and night, just like we’ve heard. Boo.
  • No, crackers do not help (unlike all the books say).
  • You can feel it coming on, so you’re able to make it to the bathroom (I inquired about if she had ever puked at her desk, which is my nightmare)
  • It can be frequent, but it’s not a lot at a time.
  • She is still sick, at 14 weeks, but it’s finally getting a bit better.
  • She is hoping not to be the pregnant girl who is sick for the whole nine months. Fingers crossed for you, C!
  • Excessive morning sickness means the baby will be smart, according to a study!
  • Before getting pregnant, she had motion-sickness and car-sickness, and her doctor said that might be why she has such bad morning sickness. This is bad news for me, who gets woozy on the Merry-Go-Round!
A big thanks to C for enlightening us on what’s to come, and a HUGE congratulations to you and Hubby! We are so happy for you!

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