My husband rocks

OK, coolest idea ever. Over at The Great Adventure, they started something called “My Husband Rocks” Friday. Every Friday, you write a post about why your husband is the best guy ever.

LOVE this idea! Here goes nothing! …
Dear Darling Husband,

Any man that is willing to take his wife to the craft-supply store … and then buy some of the items for her, so she can make good use of multiple one-per-customer coupons .. and take her to the fabric store … and wait patiently while she sorts through a million bolts … and then take her to another store to buy acrylic paints … (all in one evening) … is definitely a keeper.

Thanks for being endlessly patient and super-sweet.

Love, your wife

3 Comments on “My husband rocks

  1. HAHA! I make my husband accompany me to Michaels, too… so that I can buy two items 40% off. I feel so sneaky doing it and we try really hard to look like we’re not together…but they must know. How could they not? What guy do you EVER see buying multiple spools of ribbon using a coupon?! ..well, besides our husbands of course!


  2. Haha I’m glad to know I’m not the only one double-dipping with coupons at Michaels! I told Hubby (JOKINGLY) to pretend we weren’t together, and he took me seriously and totally ignored me. He walked straight out while I was still paying!


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